Saturday, March 21, 2015

February 24th 2015

Time moves quickly.  Can any one imagine that this is the last week of the transfer and the last week of the month?  How crazy is that.

This was week was amazing.  Some things are describable in words, others are not.  But I will try my hardest.

We taught more lessons last week, and we did more service!  It was a busy week and it felt great.  But really, the highlight of the week happened at 6:30 sunday morning.

Weeks ago we received news that Elder Holland would be in the mission.  And Sunday morning at 6:30 we met with him and with Elder Christensen (presidency of the Seventy), Bishop Causse (general bishopric) and Elder Villarreal (area seventy).  Talk about the best way to start a sunday morning. 

There is a very special spirit when the servant of the Lord walks into the room and everyone stands.  You feel the unity and just the support.  But not only that, you know that he, an apostle of the Lord, really cares about you individually.  When Elder Holland spoke, he didn't speak from the stand.  He spoke from the floor, walking around and interacting with the missionaries.  We're not just nameless young adults that the church contracts for 18 months to 2 years to work for them, we ourselves are as important as the people we're called to teach. 

So we (my companion and I) had front row seats to Elder Holland, because our zone leaders had gotten there early.  So not only were we upfront when he talked to us, but we received a clear view of him the whole meeting.  He is so in tune to the Spirit.  You look at Elder Holland and he just radiates his calling. 

He talked about the Book of Mormon and how we need to be Book of Mormon Missionaries.  Through reading, studying and living the teachings of the Book of Mormon that is how we become converted to the Gospel and we never fall away.  He talked about how we have left all and that we are never going back. Yes, I will be coming home one day, but the Emily who left, is not coming to be the same as the one coming home.  My dreams have changed, my aspirations, my goals, how I see the world has changed, and I love it.  I love to know that I'm better.  And I'm continually becoming better, but that everything is happening that way it's supposed to. 

I think that we could all use the Book of Mormon more.  We can't just be Book of Mormon missionaries, we have to be Book of Mormon members.  We have to study daily, drinking of the knowledge we can receive and we have to share that with others. 

Later on Sunday, after that Spirit packed meeting with 4 general authorities (by the way, the first and probably only, meeting in which President Miller did not speak), we had stake conference (again) in which Bishop Causse came to speak to the Mt Franklin stake.  It was so spiritual too, as they talked about temples, family history work, being sealed as a family and just having that unity and spirit in your home.  It was beautiful to listen to for several reasons.  1. it was the first English church service I've been in for probably 8 months and 2. the spirit was just so strong and it touched the hearts of members and nonmembers.  We had 6 investigators at conference and several less actives/recent converts. 

I love this church.  I don't know if I can express that enough.  I love this gospel and the truth and clarity it brings to my life.  I have never appreciated more the little things that I've heard and I just have the biggest desire to go out and help people.  In whatever way possible. 

Life is more than good.  It's incredible.  Next week we have transfers, and while I don't necessarily want to admit it, I'll begin my last transfer.  But, we're not thinking about that now ;).  And I also finish training Hna Torres this week, so who knows what will happen next week.  I'll be sure to keep you updated!

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