Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 10th 2015

This past week was good.  We've been struggling to find and just with talking to people, so that's our focus on this up coming week.

Sunday was interesting because of the time change.  I think we started sacrament with maybe 40 people, and no one under the age of 7.  But by the time the chapel doors opened after the sacrament had been passed, the ward was looking a little more lively :). 

I love the daylight savings because we have more light!  And more people are outside!  And people don't tell us to go home at 7 anymore :)  (we got that a lot... "sisters why are you out so late?"  "Uh... it's only 7:30."  "Well, you should go home").  So, basically we're going to be able to find more people because now we have more light!

Friday night we had an activity at the church.  It was watching 17 Miracles, which we're allowed to watch if we have an investigator.  Well, none of our investigators showed up.  And neither did the elders'.  And while we had a good turn out of members (including recent converts and less actives) the missionary activity for the ward, was missionaryless because no investigators went.  Oh well, we went to contact former investigators and I think it was just as fun.

At zone training on Friday they talked about keeping a study journal.  And that's something I've done but also struggled with.  And so since Friday I have made a goal to write down my ponderings and observations instead of just thinking them.  And I believe that my studying has increased in effectiveness.  We have been given many different resources and as we study we become more effective people.  It doesn't matter what we're studying for, but as we search the Lord will open up treasure in heaven or us.  I love studying out of brand new clean scriptures because it gives me the opportunity to find new things.

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