Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 24th 2015

So last week was good.  It seemed like we were at the church a lot, and not really doing very much, but it was packed with other things.

First of all..... F FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!  Thank you for all prayers on our behalf. 

One thing I've noticed on my mission is that baptism are really stressful.  I don't know if it's that way for other missionaries, but when they are over my feelings are "finally.... they're baptized!" 

It always seems to happens that either the week (or the day of) before a baptism all things seem to go wrong.  Well, with F things went wrong a month ago when he cancelled on his interview.  And this week things were going really really well, until Friday night.  When we were at the church for a Relief Society activity I felt the impression to go check the key to the baptismal clothes (it's been know to stick).  So we went and checked the key to the closet we thought were the baptismal clothes. (It was the closet they got A's baptismal clothes out of).  When the key didn't work, we called the ward mission leader who told us to get the bishop to help us open the door.  Well the bishop came over, couldn't get the door unlocked, and had a member in the ward pick the lock, and then take off the lock because bishop said he was done having problems with this door.  Problem solved... we thought.

The next day at the baptism our ward mission leader is looking at the doors and says "Sisters.... you took the lock off the wrong door... that's for the other ward"  Oops. But the good think is that we got baptismal clothes (albeit from the other ward) that 2 kids used for their baptisms. 

That's why we were at the church a lot last week.  F's baptism was at 10:30 (so we were at the church at 8:30), then the elders had a baptism at 7, but were driving down from ABQ that day, so we had to fill the font/prep the room for their baptism.  And, they asked me to play the piano for the baptism (so again, at the church from 6-8:30) and then church on sunday, and there was an 8 year old getting baptized on Sunday, and I also "played" the piano for that baptism (I actually used the electric piano for that one... I didn't know the songs....).

But the week ended great because F was finally baptized. :)

And we have some amazing new investigators.  One of them is a family that we taught on Saturday after the baptism.  We didn't know quite what to teach them, because they've been taught by missionaries before, but we went in and found out the husband has a TON of questions.  Luckily we have a return missionary with us, who helped us get control of the situation and we answered a couple and then set up a return appointment.  Today we're teaching the plan of salvation to them (per-request) and I am SO EXCITED!!!!

I'm so happy that Spring is finally here.  And the weather is really warming up too!  It's just going to be so much fun to go talk to people!  Our OYMing has been really down, but we have a goal to have shorter lessons so that we can go and talk to more people. Sometimes I feel like we don't have enough time to do everything.  But everything that needs to get done, usually does. 

It's been an incredible opportunity for me to serve and I'm so excited to see what this week holds!  Love you all and have an absolutely incredible week!

Love hna Hendricks

Pictures: me and hna torres with our macarons.
at f's baptism
we played softball last week at pday.  My team creamed the other one. :)

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